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Binding two souls together

Archives The ancient practice of soul bonding was first used long before the Order of the Flame ever came into existance. The soul bonding process involved magical incantations and rituals. There were specific places where soul bonding would take place, most often in secluded caves. A circle of five torches would be set up, and runes etched into the ground within a circle of salt. The priest would have those who were bonding recite certain vows, then magically bind their souls together.
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soulmate binding

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Handfasting Wedding Ceremony by Mitch Cohen

Love Spells Pure, Fast Working Love Spell This love spell is the perfect love spell for most love problems, it is personalised so that it fits your situation like a glove which ensures no energy is wasted, and that full power targets the problems causing your heartache. This can be possible since everything has a flip side, hot and cold, light and dark, wet and dry, and of course love and hate, they are two different sides of the same coin. As well as working on negativity, you obviously need your love spell to draw the one you love to you feeling nothing but pure, genuine love for you, this is the main purpose of a pure love spell, to magnetically pull two souls together; it could be a reuniting, or simply drawing the person you love and desire to you. Love spells are positive, they vibrate positively on the psychic frequency, rewriting fate and drawing the one you love to you using the law of attraction: like attracts like, your love will attract their love, even if they currently don't appear to feel anything resembling love for you. This spell is a pure love spell, therefore it craves love, it wants to work as soon as it can, it will work at top speed, day and night until your wish has come true. If it was a curse spell you would be scared, and feel it was going to affect you any second, well it is a love spell and could work any moment after the casting, and it is also more powerful that any curse can ever be because love not hate makes the world go around, everything thrives in a positive, warm, loving atmosphere: babies, plants and animals - the Universe's natural laws are for survival and growth. Negative energy like a curse vibrates at a very low level and is highly likely to 'die' before it can do any damage.
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Bond of Love Spell

Bond of Love Spell How it works: By binding a piece of your soul to another, you attach your fate to theirs for a time. This does not create a bond of love, per se, but so long as your souls are compatible, the closeness of this bond will usually cause them to see their reflection in one another and react accordingly. All good and ill that happens to one will be felt in lesser degree by the other inner good and inner ill, that is; spiritual pain and true joy can be shared but transient feelings of the physical world are unlikely to ripple from one soul into another , and true spiritual harm and degradation done to one soul through blackening sins like murder will forever mark both members of the bond. Similar spells are sometimes cast on dying loved ones so that the survivor might send a piece of themselves into the next world, but this is done at your own peril.
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Whatever rituals we use, you can find people who aren't Wiccan using. But I'm not sure what you mean by binding two souls? Can we clarify?

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